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building smart brands

Brand concept children's fashion brand

Target group psychology leading food retail brand

Customer psychology food discounter

Customer persona international fashion brand

competitive differentiation online fashion provider

Advertising tests international feminine hygiene brand (fempro)

Brand concept start-up consulting company

Target group analyses for online dating sites and real estate portals

Development of customer approach online service for employee satisfaction

Brand development of entry-level price brand in the leisure segment

Sales organization problem analysis for international technology group

Brand name development architectural office

Acceptance test regional brand with focus on sustainability

Consumer analysis and brand message Whisky brand

Identitification of customer types and positioning message High-quality toys

User psychology Online offer of premium meat products

Brand promise of national providers of heating & cooling technology

Brand psychology experience gifts

Acceptance tests mail-order pharmacy

Brand name development Digital health brand

Qualitative customer analysis & brand positioning of a professional trade association

Brochure perception of cashmere fashion

TV communication of national retailers: advertising test and creation of umbrella brand positioning

Voice of the customer: customer analysis of a national event agency

Cars & SUVs: What is the sweet spot positioning of the VW Volkswagen, VW Golf, Porsche, Mercedes, Hyundai, Opel, Kia, Audi brands?

Ad test of national tourism providers

Problem analysis customer loss TV streaming

Qualitative analysis of disinfection ventilation technology in the medical sector

Customer personas and brand promise national neobank

Brand concept for national sporting goods retailer

Customer analysis B2B specialist retailer for carpentry and joinery supplies

Brand core analysis of national eyewear brand and description of optician retailers customer psychology

Impulse lectures on the topic of brand theory at various universities of applied sciences

Benefit analysis of national life coaching providers with spiritually oriented customers

Motivational analysis for potential customers slimming cure