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Branding is

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your brand’s psycho-logic.

In strategic brand theory, brands are described as complex-adaptive social systems. If you now get the feeling that things are getting really complicated, then we dispel your worries. Firstly, we are at your side from now on and secondly, it's not about rocket science, but about a feel for psychological relationships. Benefit from our experience in identifying the relevant drivers and benefits in almost any market. We’ll team up with you and never let go…unless you give us subtle signs, that our nagging is a little over the top. But seriously: we like to take things rather seriously - to us, brands are more than just pretty labels and a catchy phrase on the „brand core template“.

Brand Strategy services

brand scan report

Strategy & identity put to the test: brand analysis for early identification of problem areas.

brand review workshop

The team workshop in which we develop new psychological brand fundamentals.

brand sprint session

From problem to solution faster than you think.

brand creatives

We supply you with a well thought out logo, compelling brand texts and on our best days with a cool ad idea.

Brand SCAN

Figure out exactly how much "brand quality" is in your brand and what you really stand for: Brand Scan - The qualitative brand identity check.

Established brand, start-up or brand in the concept stage? Brand Scan always brings clarity. We take a very close look at your brand: Everything that characterizes the brand is recorded. Goal: Clarity for the next steps.

Brand Scan analyzes:

  • Brand Body: The physical side of the brand. Every form of recognizability counts. From the logo to the product.
  • Brand Mind: The mental side of the brand. Vision, mission, brand values through to psychological symbols and brand promises.
  • Brand Positioning & Brand Sweet Spot: The brand essence in the psycho-context of competition and customer psychology. 

Brand Scan brings you the independent expert view into your knowledge portfolio.

brand review

If you are looking for brand status, brand workshop, brand core, why, golden circle, brand positioning and brand identity, you have come to the right place.

Need a new brand positioning? Goes well with Brand Review, because clearer is better. Workshop sessions that turn over every stone. Should even be fun, we've been told. 

The confusion of everyday brand life becomes strategic clarity due to brand review. Who are we? Where are we heading? What messages do we need to send? In a nutshell: Everything to do with brand identity is given the space it deserves.

Brand Review modules:

  • Prethink session: For innovations/new brands. What psychological position can we successfully occupy?
  • Rethink session: For established brands. Understanding the psychological status as a basis for future fitness.
  • Brand Belief Systems: How do we turn customers into real fans?
  • Brand Narrative: Which myth can carry the brand?
  • POPs & PODs: Which points of parity, which points of differentiation are there?
  • Information & inspiration: What balance does the brand have between functional and psychological benefits?
  • Brand positioning & brand sweet spot: Where does the brand stand in the psychological positioning space shaped by competitors and customer psyche?

brand sprint

One thing is clear: we are strategically fast when it counts. Sometimes even overnight.

Brand Sprint Sessions are our express tool for sudden events. Of course, a quick fix requires caution and we are the last people to reject market research tests..., but sometimes the impending deadline leads to surprisingly viable solutions and there are situations that simply cannot be postponed. That's why we say: Check in for a nightflight, you might arrive at your destination the next morning with a new understanding of your brand or a fresh concept! We take our Real-Reason instinct on board, no matter how short the journey.

What could keep us awake at night? - FOR EXAMPLE:

  • Brand Scan "Sprint - Version". The ad-hoc brand status paper.
  • Promotion concepts
  • Employer branding messages
  • PR articles
  • Speech manuscripts
  • Persona descriptions with new titles and slice of life characters.

brand creatives

Always on strategy: our brand communication. Crazy frog? That's okay if it helps the brand.

Our brand communication: well thought out. Emotionally implemented. Based on 20+ years of brand thinking. Always in close contact with you and therefore adaptable to your daily brand requirements. From serious to crazy - everything is possible as long as it's on strategy.